this is not a coup

This Is Not A Coup

Is EU compatible with democracy?
What does “independent central bank” really means?
Was Britain right to vote for Brexit?
What did we learn form Greece’s capitulation?
Can we change EU institutions from within?

The creators of the documentaries Debtocracy, Catastroika and Fascism Inc. – with more than 6.5 million views online – present their new project THIS IS NOT A COUP.

THIS IS NOT A COUP brings to the world viewers the experience from EU’s economic and political interference in countries like Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, and Greece. Former head of states, ministers, EU executives and leading economists and commentators describe the role played by big banks and multinational corporations in the creation of the single currency and the European Union.More than 6.5 million people have watched our previous work online. The documentaries featured in major international festivals and were broadcasted by TV channels all over the world. Major news outlets commented upon their content, including CNN, Al Jazeera, the Guardian, Libération etc.

In order to guarantee full independence from private companies and interests, the project is financed through crowdfunding – namely donations from citizens, trade unions and independent organizations and foundations across the globe.


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