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iOrientalism? iPhone7 Arrives at… 1950s Greece

Aris Chatzistefanou

The commercial of Apple’s new mobile phone appears to be filmed at… 1950s Greece.

Mailmen, taxi drivers and barbers, who have been disappeared for decades now, crowd themselves among kids in order to have their pictures taken, in conditions that today would mildly resemble the sub Saharan Africa.

Of course one could assume that this was exactly what the advertising department of the company intended to achieve. To create an advertisement that travels the audience back in time. However the old lady who says “Send me the picture” ruins it. Is the picture supposed to be sent through the internet of the 50s?


Maybe the commercial is trying to sell orientalism for the poorest of the EU relatives. That could be the case. And who could actually blame them anyway?

Greece, which has lost 25% of its GDP and whose young population immigrates by the hundreds of thousands has a lot to be reminded of by the 50s.

Of course back then the Christmas bonus was still around (by a 1946 law) and the Prime Minister of that time didn’t try to present it as a gift to the retired. The labor rights were also, in many cases, in better condition than they are today.

The same political families that continuously held or claimed power through parties involved in Siemens scandals back then, still exist today and continue to pursue power through the same parties.

Therefore the commercial is well suited since we still live in 1950s Greece.

Tranlsation: Panos Chatzistefanou

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