SINATRA these boots are made for walking

Δέκα τραγούδια και δέκα εκφράσεις για τα μπούτς

Η αναφορά του Αδωνη Γεωργιάδη στα «μπουτς» του διαδικτύου προκάλεσε ποικίλα σχόλια στο τι εννοούσε ο υπουργός.

Ως ελάχιστη συνεισφορά σε αυτό το διάλογο παρουσιάζουμε δέκα εκφράσεις και δέκα τραγούδια που ίσως φανούν χρήσιμα.


Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Jon Pardi – Head Over Boots

Randy Houser – Boots On

Iron Maiden- Die With Your Boots On

Go-Go Boots


Bossy Boots Song

Lenny Kravitz – Dirty White Boots

Jeff Beck Group – Spanish Boots

H-Town- Knockin’ Da Boots


bet one’s boots

– to bet everything that one has

die with one’s boots on

– to die while still active in one’s work or while doing a job

get the boot

– to be fired from a job, to be told to leave a place

give (someone) the boot

– to fire someone from a job, to force someone to leave a place

lick (someone’s) boots

– to behave in a manner like a servant or a slave toward someone

pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps

– to improve oneself or achieve something through one’s own efforts

quake in one’s boots

– to be afraid, to shake from fear

shake in one’s boots

– to be afraid, to shake from fear

too big for one’s boots

– to think that you are more important than you really are

You bet your boots!

– most certainly, yes indeed, absolutely

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